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Surviving Vulcan Airframes

Locations of surviving Vulcans within the United Kingdom.

There are 20 complete Vulcan airframes remaining around the World. Fifteen of these are located within the British Isles.

The other five are in Canada, Australia and the United States of America.

This map shows where the last remaining Vulcans are situated within the United Kingdom. Move the pointer over each white dot to find the number and location of each aircraft.


Select a dot on the map using your mouse to find out more about it.

   1. XM 603 Woodford, Gt. Manchester

Philip Evans

   2. XM 575 East Midlands Airport

East Midlands Aeropark


   3. XM 598 Aerospace Museum, Cosford



   4. XL 360 Midland Air Museum, Coventry

Marek Durkowski 2007

   5. XM 655 Wellesbourne Airport, Warwick

Guy Bartlett 2007

   6. XL 318 RAF Museum Hendon, London

Guy Bartlett 2007

   7. XL 426 Southend Airport, Essex

Guy Bartlett 2007

   8. XJ 824 Imperial War Museum, Duxford

Guy Bartlett 2007

   9. XM 612 Aviation Museum, Norwich Airport

Guy Bartlett 2007

10. XH 558 Bruntingthorpe Airfield, Leics.

British Broadcasting Corporation

11. XM 607 RAF Waddington, Lincs.

Gary Brown 2006

12. XM594 Newark Air Museum, Notts.

Guy Bartlett 2007

13. XL 319 North East Aircraft Mus., Sunderland

Andy Court

14. XJ 823 Carlisle Airport, Cumbria
Solway Aviation Museum - Avro Vulcan XJ823.

  Simon Ledingham

15. XM 597 Museum of Flight, East Fortune

Charles Denoon 2003


Intact Vulcan Bombers Which Reside
Outside The United Kingdom

As well as these British-based Vulcans a few have been exported.

They can be found at :


WD280 Avro 707A with Geoffrey Mallet,
 Williamstown, Australia

XL361 at the RAF Unit Goose Bay, Happy Valley,
 Labrador, Canada

XM573 at the SAC Museum, Ashland,
 Nebraska, USA

XM605 at the USAF Museum, Castle Air Force Base,
 California, USA

XM606 at the 8th Air Force, Barksdale Air Force Base, 
Louisianna, USA


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