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Vulcan Bibliography

My interest in the Vulcan has lead me to purchase a number of books on the subject. A few people have asked me for various references about these books, so I thought it could be an idea to put the book details on the web. Please note that many of these books are specialist publications, so it is unlikely that you could stroll into your local bookshop and pick them up off the shelf. However, I have included the ISBN, so you should be able to order them if required.



1) Vulcan Test Pilot by Tony Blackman
1-904943-888 Punlished by Grub Street July 2007.
This book is VERY good, a wealth of information.
 The author is very knowledable about all vulcan-related issues.

Click Here For More Information About Tony Blackman


1) The Vulcan Story by Tim Laming
isbn 1-85409-148-4 Arms & Armour Press 1993.
This book is VERY good.


Click here to purchase this book via amazon.co.uk


2) Vulcan, Boeing B-47 & B-52 by Stewart Wilson
isbn 1-875671-27-7 Aerospace Publications 1997.
Fairly good although only a third is on the Vulcan.

Click here to purchase this book via amazon.co.uk


3) V-Bombers by Robert Jackson
isbn 1-901945-03-0 Book Law Publications 1997.
Good book with many photos. 
Also covers Valiant & Victor.

Click here to purchase this book via amazon.co.uk


4) Vulcan, last of the V-Bombers by Duncan Cubitt
isbn 1-85152-968-3 Chancellor Press. 
Lots of photos plus info about all remaining Vulcans.
My first Vulcan book.

Click here to purchase this book via amazon.co.uk

5) Avro Vulcan by Andrew Brookes
isbn 0-7110-1548-1 Ian Allan Ltd. 1985.
Written by an ex-Vulcan captain. 
Only black & white photos.

Click here to purchase this book via amazon.co.uk

6) Strategic Bombers 1945-1985 by Michael J. H. Taylor
isbn 0-85368-664-5 Arms and Armour Press 1984.
Eleven Vulcan pictures (mainly B&W). 
Nice Vulcan with B-52 picture.

Click here to purchase this book via amazon.co.uk



7) Avro Vulcan by Kev Darling
Warbird Tech Series Volume 26
isbn 1-58007023-X
Colour and B&W photos. 
Lots of technical drawings

Click here to purchase this book via amazon.co.uk



8) The Vulcan Story by Peter March

Sutton Publishing 2006
isbn 0-7509-4399-8
Colour and B&W photos. 
Interesting Vulcan Milestones section.





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