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Assorted Vulcan Photographs


This page is graphics intensive and will take a long time to download fully. Please be patient.

Shown here are a number of other Vulcan photographs which I have collected over the years. My own photography skills are not as good as some, thus the majority of these pictures I have obtained from other Vulcan enthusiasts. I have tried to credit the photographer where possible, but have found this difficult in some circumstances. If you own the copyright of any image here please e-mail me so that I can either credit your work, or remove it from my site if you so wish.


If you wish to download these pictures for your own use please e-mail the photographer before using them. 
Most of them don't bite if you ask nicely! 



Vulcan Photos by Dick Clements 

vulb3t.jpg (3302 bytes) vulb2t.jpg (2774 bytes) vulb4t.jpg (3162 bytes)
1. XH558 Abingdon Open Day 1990 
2. XH558 where she belongs! 
3. Silhouette of XL319 over RAF Leuchars 1979.*

vulb5t.jpg (3543 bytes)vulb1t.jpg (2884 bytes)vulb7t.jpg (3962 bytes)  

4. Taxiing side view. 5. XM575.
 6. XL426 RAF Mildenhall 1988. *

All the above photographs are copyright of Mr. D. Clements. 
I thank him for allowing me to use them.
Regretfully, Mr Clements passed away not long ago. My sympathies go to his family.

Vulcan Photos by Paul Nann

pacman1.jpg (4320 bytes) pacman2.jpg (6903 bytes) pacman3.jpg (5617 bytes)

All the above photographs are copyright of Mr. P. Nann. 
If you wish to visit his site check out my Vulcan links pages.

Vulcan XA891

xa891.jpg (119556 bytes)gbooker2.jpg (115911 bytes)gbooker1.JPG (61145 bytes)

Photographs kindly donated by Graham Booker of Maidstone.

Other Vulcans

Returning to baseXM612 at Norwich Airport44 Squadron RAF

1. XH558 Returning to base. 2. XM612 at Norwich Airport.
 3. Vulcan Sketch (44 Squadron).

Early Vulcan B1 photoAnti-flash paint, and camouflage paint

vul6.jpg (3975 bytes)


4. Early Vulcan B1.
 5. XH558 (Camouflage) & XM603 (Anti-flash paint). 
6. XM603 (I think!)

Vulcan sketch by Terry Horton.
XM603 photo by Paul Hartley.

RAF Vulcan Pictures

vulc27t.jpg (2474 bytes) vulc29t.jpg (5131 bytes) vulc28t.jpg (6106 bytes)

1. XH558 & Red Arrows.
 At the Great War Birds Air Display West Malling 1991. 
2. XL426 during active service. 
3. Red Arrows & XH558 (alternative view point) *

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More Vulcan Pictures

 vul10t.jpg (4299 bytes)  vul11t.jpg (5963 bytes)vul12t.jpg (4590 bytes)
vul13t.jpg (3758 bytes)
  vul14t.jpg (4918 bytes) vul15t.jpg (3760 bytes)

Picture Descriptions
(from left to right)


1. XH558 Climbing.
 2. Unsure of location and identity of this Vulcan 
3. XH558 landing.
4. Close up of XH558 approaching Bruntingthorpe Airport.
5. XL426 Underside View 6. XH558 With Generator Attached

XL426 photo kindly supplied by Paul Osborne.
Some of the large Vulcan pictures copyright Cliff Knox.

needham1.jpg (192944 bytes)needham2.jpg (59312 bytes)

Both the above pictures have been kindly donated
 by Mr Needham.

Dadvulc.jpg (63949 bytes)

Is this your picture??
If so please contact me so I can credit your work.
I have misplaced your details - sorry!

Jenks.jpg (408678 bytes)

Mr Jenks supplied the above picture for the Vulcan Archive. 

This particular Vulcan was destroyed in a crashTop of page
 whilst attempting to land at Heathrow airport.

612.jpg (29825 bytes)

An illustration of Vulcan XM612 
created, using Power Point, by Steve Robson

ALGAMBLE.JPG (162689 bytes)

Detailed artwork of the cougar's head. Symbol of  1 Group.

 Picture courtesy of Al Gamble.

These wonderful Vulcan photographs were kindly donated by

E. J. Van Koningsveld.

ejvankoningsveld1.jpg (25939 bytes) ejvankoningsveld2.jpg (64500 bytes)

More Vulcan memories, captured by Mr Edwards.

edwards2.jpg (19067 bytes) edwards1.jpg (39037 bytes)

Dramatic Vulcan pictures from Mr S Berry from "Down Under"

nz_vulcan_1.jpg (32465 bytes)nz_vulcan_2.jpg (13017 bytes)nz_vulcan_3.jpg (27563 bytes)nz_vulcan_4.jpg (25197 bytes)

1) XH498, attempts finals at Wellington Airport 1959. 
Wind shear causes the port wing to dip. The undercarriage is broken and debris hits the fuel tanks.

2) The pilot attempts to abort the landing. selects full power and climbs clear. Note damaged undercarriage. 
3) The aircraft was advised to make an emergency landing at RNZAF Ohakea.
4) The Vulcan, and her crew, had a narrow escape.

woodford_1.jpg (44617 bytes)

1) XA897 at Woodford 1956.

darwin_1.jpg (68115 bytes)darwin_2.jpg (66662 bytes)

1) XA897 stops at Darwin, 30th Sept 1956.
2) Another shot of XA897.
Twenty-Four hours after these photos were taken the Vulcan was 
destroyed by fire when attempting to land at London Airport.

Brian Reader shares this view of a 
B1 Vulcan landing in Malta circa 1957.

Vulcan B.1 Malta 1957.JPG (10735 bytes)

Images of XA901 provided by Bryan Armitage.

XA901.jpg (396431 bytes)XA901 crew.jpg (412963 bytes)Top of page


xm605.jpg (116449 bytes)

A wonderful shot of XM605. 
Picture supplied by Dick Tracy.

Seaside Vulcan!

tonyfinesjersey.jpg (130870 bytes)

This picture of a Vulcan displaying to the crowds in Jersey comes from Mr Tony Fines.

The Falklands

falklandscartoon.jpg (52332 bytes)

War is a terrible, terrible thing. 
However, it is good to see that the British Army has a sense of humour. This cartoon was drawn in 1982 during the Falklands conflict. It cannot be said that the British do not have a sense of humour.

b1nose.jpg (37483 bytes)

Nose section of a B1 Vulcan XA899 at The RAF Museum Cosford

The above photo was taken by me during a visit to the RAF Museum, Cosford during September 2002.

I frequently get sent numerous Vulcan pictures for inclusion on my web pages. Each one I try to credit where appropriate. However following a  hard drive failure I am unable to locate the origins of the following photos. 
If they belong to you please e-mail me, 
and I will credit your work where necessary. Thank you.

Photo 2Vulc2.jpg (14929 bytes)
Photo 4
v6.jpg (11922 bytes)
SKYBOLT.JPG (1048058 bytes)558e.jpg (68393 bytes)

* These are some of my favourite Vulcan pictures. They may take a while to download, but they are worth the wait.


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